Facilitron Overview

Facilitron Overview

Generate much needed funds for your district… at no cost.

Reservation Request Portal

  • Sites for each individual school with parent sites for clusters/areas and the district
  • Search for available school facilities
  • Digital facilities catalog/inventory
  • Announcement portal
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Facilitron's facility scheduling platform is two systems in one.

Reservation Request Portal

Facilitron Front End

Reservation Request Portal

With custom school sites which link right off your own school website, Facilitron creates a place where the community can come to find photos, pricing and information on the availability of school facilities for rent - without calling or emailing school administrators.

Administrative Portal

Facilitron Back End

Administrative Portal

Now, in one place, district and school administrators can preview the events and activities that are going on in their gyms, theaters and classrooms all over the district - as well as manage both internal (school) use requests AND public rental requests to use school facilities.

Facilitron Front End iPad

Front End

Search results allow the public to view facility details, configure requests, upload documents and more.

Facilities Search Results

  • Shows district facilities
  • See each facility and real-time availability
  • View photos, information, location, pricing
  • Select dates and times and submit

Paper forms and applications disappear into the “cloud.” And Facilitron verifies renter insurance and non-profit status during the application process - which saves school administrators valuable time.

Registration & Application

Facilitron Reservations

Registration & Application Process

Facilitron moves the registration and application process to a simple digital online process with application questions based on what facility is requested.

  • Registration/Sign Up for users/organizations to determine rate categories and insurance requirements
  • EIN registration and verification for non-profits
  • Custom application questions, services and equipment rates listed on per facility basis

Insurance Options

Facilitron Insurance

Insurance Options & Payment

Users may upload their own insurance into a reservation or purchase per-event insurance from Facilitron.

  • School insurance requirements presented
  • Users can upload their own insurance (verified by Facilitron)
  • Custom application questions, services and equipment rates listed on per facility basis
  • Fees including any configured amounts (utilities, custodial services, equipment, application fees, etc) are estimated at checkout
  • All payments and refunds are handled by Facilitron

Facilitron Back End Laptop

Back End

Command central for administering reservations.

Dashboard Control Center

  • Facilities Calendars - for district/ cluster or specific school
  • Alert Center
  • Pending Reservations
  • Approving and Declining Requests

Reservation Detail Page

Facilitron Reservation Details

Reservation Detail Page

The Reservation Detail Page is the centralized location for information, documents, communications and more for a specific reservation. Items here include:

  • School insurance requirements presented
  • Insurance documents
  • Photos/documents (damage, floor plan, setup)
  • Fees including any configured amounts (utilities, custodial services, equipment, application fees, etc) are estimated at checkout
  • All payments and refunds are handled by Facilitron
  • Internal and external comments
  • Reservation time slots with service and equipment detail
  • Calendar syncing
  • Work Order dispatch and more

Dashboard Calendar

Facilitron Dashboard Calendar

Dashboard Calendar

The Dashboard Calendar is a place where district admins can preview activities going on across the entire district.

  • District officials can sort and view all activities at any school or any facility in the district
  • Sort by reservation type – approved, pending, internal or external
  • See multiple calendar views including agenda view - a printable, email-ready list of every activity displayed chronologically
  • Preview reservation details by clicking on any reservation
  • See charges, payments, insurance status

Facilitron Data & Reporting

Increase revenue and efficiency

Districts such as East Side Union HSD in San Jose, CA have seen rental revenues TRIPLE while admins have increased efficiency and cut administrative costs by 75% or more annually.

Data & Reporting

Facilitron Data and Reporting

Data & Reporting

Reconcile and analyze financial and use data like never before to better understand facility utilization and recovery costs.

  • Revenue reports by school
  • Track approved, pending, declined amounts and view detail
  • Itemized reports: services, equipment
  • Consolidated list of renters

Setup & Support

Facilitron Custom Setup and Support

Custom Setup & Support

A partnership with Facilitron includes full custom account setup, training, and 24/7 customer support at no cost.

  • Set unlimited rates and rate structures
  • Create and publish custom calendars
  • Create roles and determine user access by facility
  • Manage communication settings

Facilitron is a cloud-based platform to manage, schedule and rent public facilities. It enables public schools, colleges and municipalities to showcase, monetize and manage their facilities – consolidating financial and usage data, communications, and calendars all in one place.

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